Granite Counter Cleaning & Polishing

Our company specializes in Granite Counter Polishing AND various other services for granite: Cleaning, Honing, Buffing, Polishing, Sealing, Resurfacing, Refinishing, Care, Preservation, Maintenance, Restoration, Beautification and Repair of Granite Floor Tile & Countertops. Granite is amongst the sturdiest and most resilient of all natural stone types; although most commonly known and used in kitchen countertops, Granite can also be used in surfaces like countertops, showers, floors, etc. The quality of our work in granite is guaranteed to bring you the best results, we take pride in the workmanship and quality of jobs that we produce. When doing granite restoration we pay very close attention to the little details. With thousands of customers and proven results, we have great confidence that you will love the quality of our natural stone restoration work. We are only satisfied when our customers are happy, we like to be able to put a smile on their face.

Granite has steadily become the surface of choice for stone counters. Granite is easy to clean, does not etch with acids, and if sealed properly will not stain. But there are times when when your granite surfaces need attention. You can see the graininess of this granite counter on the left side. The right is after our polishing process.


Granite is a premium building material that stands out for its long-lasting beauty. When installed as countertops or flooring, granite provides distinction few other materials are able to.

However, in time, the gorgeous finish on granite will become worn, dulled and scratched. The stone must be polished to give it a new surface and restore the brilliant gleam.